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What more can we say about this WHIPLR event we named “KINK” Not hard to remember and it will not be hard to forget when it’s over. Let’s all come out for this unusually different kinky adventure in a luxury fantasyland formed of Passion, Freedom and soon to be Kinky memories.

Come Dressed Up!

Dress Fetish Latex, Light color lingerie, fun body paint, glitter or any cosplay character you envy.we have theme nights below that are simply done and easy to partake in, and remember This is a clothing optional Freestyle event, costumes and theme suggestions are highly encouraged!



Bring it on.. Start the weekend Comfy and Kinky.

The perfect start to any weekend is getting settled in, Have a drink or 10 and dress down, like real down… Lingerie, sleepwear, Cos-play,costume or even your favorite onesie .. Cant keep away from the latex? That’s Cool too, as it’s going to be a fantastic night to Show off your favorite shiny Speedo, mini-dress or whatever sexy rubber you want. Just keep it light and enjoy the views and the company tonight..

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What is More Kinky then a Kinky Pool Party ?

Get your motor running with a breakfast bite! Grab a drink, an inflatable or a lounge, and chill with Us and Whiplr as we party to tunes by DJ Ian Smith and Mingle with a crowd of special guests.

Wondering what to wear?, Easy….whatever you Desire, be it an Itsy-bitsy or nothing at all, it is all good here at our Freestyle Event at Caliente. Oh, and for those who need to sport the Hugging latex,Love Love Love! we can’t wait to see you flaunt it graciously while Sipping your favorite beverage served to you poolside.

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It’s Dinner Time!!!  Get together For “Food Fetish” a dining experience with the Dommes. This Dinner is a Limited Reservation opportunity and this Venue will sell out. Reserve your Seat today By calling 813-996-3700.

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Just breath a minute… Then,take in a real deep breath and prepare for the “Hottest Party on the Planet“!

This is a Special night lined up with Shows, Entertainment. Costume contest and more, While attending a night to remember as DJ Ian Smith turns over the Spin, and Jam’s alongside our Special Guest Star DJ, MISS SHELTON!

Top Worldwide entertaining DJ Miss Shelton, hailing from Montreal Canada, has even one up’d us on our offer to present her Soul emerging music talent at our event, by adding another special guest to her “Kink Event” tour ”  She is traveling to us with DJ Montana right by her side! Better Hold on to anything loose cause’ the club is going to be Shaking..

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Special  Performances by Amazing Entertainers Featuring Headline acts by Florida’s  Pistol Mercy, California’s Surka Noelle & More!

An exclusive venue brought to you By Caliente Vacation Club, Whiplr & Lady Karma’s KINK CLUB.

Montreal’s Hottest Headline DJ will be in Da CLUB!

Fully equipped Kustom Kinkz Dungeon for Your Pleasure! Open Saturday and Sunday Night

Our Dungeon is home of Special Guest Mistresses and Masters to educate while entertaining your Weekend. Don’t be afraid, You will have the opportunity to step in , and use the facility as a seasoned Kinkster or learn as a newbie from our carefully selected group of Professionals that are Experienced in enlightening your curiosities and enhancing your pleasures.

Dungeon  Sponsored and Furniture supplied by Kustom Kinkz

Kustom Kinkz


After Mimosas or the best damn Bloody Marys, The poolside awaits your company. Settle in as we have a special appearance treat for you. Dungeon classes are in session today! Sign up for one and cool off from all of the pool activities but don’t get lost, because…

It’s the Party you’ve been waiting for! SUNDAY Main Stage POOLSIDE!

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Just when you thought the party was over…Huh…DO NOT CHECK OUT! You need to check into Evening Party once again, but this time it’s:


5 PM -10 PM!

DJ Ian Smith will kick it off  with DJ miss Shelton and Montana, making sure you are not only having an EDM blast, but that you are getting Blasted with the Funky Foam. Wear your favorite outfit, dress in costume or wear Nothing at all!

A Fetish event exclusive, not to miss…Outdoor bar, Sports bar and Piano bar will all be open for us late, as the party does not stop.

 Call Out Sick Monday Party

10 pm till ? Late hot tub CHILL party to start winding down on Sun night….

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Already booked at the Resort? Just RSVP and Purchase member tickets per person and leave a comment upon checkout with your Last Name and or Reservation Number. Your tickets will be waiting for you at your arrival.

Questions About Caliente Club & Resort? CLICK ON THE FAQ BELOW

Frequently Asked Questions



Lady Karma – Well Cultured Multilingual Domina, Dance Performer and Internationally Published Pro Model. Karma, Raised in Russia, has traveled Internationally for years before Residing in The USA. Through her Global Travel experiences, that she Loves to Share with others, She Realized the importance Kinky pleasures gave to people and has embraced the role She now possesses. Regarded by many as Mistress of Domination and Kinkster of Fluff, Lady Karma enjoys using pain as an element of surprise mixed with pleasure. She also offers role playing and Kink experience beyond Torture: such as Fluffy Flogging, Scratching, Tickling, Tease, Foot Worship and other innocent requests. The curiosity of first Timers have opened up many minds, as she individually guides each person or couple through a new Experience. So, from Mild to Wild, Feather to Cane She offers either extremity in a comfortable safe and Sane environment. Don’t miss a class or Show with Karma. To book a private session contact her at

Mistress Michelle Lacy is a highly sought after professional dominatrix who resides in South Florida where she has her own personal dungeon and another in Long Island NY. She is most known for her creativity and passion in creating unforgettable adventures for those who play with her. Her skills as well as her enthusiasm in her appointments can be found on her website She is most known for her “creative sadism,” behavior modification, discipline, bondage, lengthy captivity, as well as her love of slave-training. She loves attending events, teaching classes, and assisting in spreading awareness and education of BDSM. Despite her shiny catsuits and fierce whips, Michelle is one of the most approachable and down to earth women in the industry who cares very much for the goals and the safety of the people she sees.

Carnivale Risque – We exist to Enlighten, Educate and Enhance the Lives of others through an artistic and fun expression. We have gathered to us a plethora of personalities who share our love for the performing arts and erotic exploration. Our Performers and Educators use the exotic tools of the BDSM lifestyle to emphasize the seriously exciting world of the Art of Fetish. Our performers, within the bounds of class and taste, bring to your venues and clients the truly seductive and sensual excitement of complete Alter Ego’s and Characters who will tantalize, tease, interact and excite your client base. Visit for more info.

Jon Gunner is an inspiration to absolutely everyone who is interested in Bondage and Bdsm. No matter their station in life, tastes, race, age, gender, sexuality, income level, whatever. I want to bring it out of the dungeon and into the bedrooms of everyday people. I continue to promote the message that bondage can be fun, easy, safe, and accessible to all. Jon Gunner A Rope Master, Photographer and Proprietor of Happy Kitten Rope is always a pleasure to Be around and you will understand why when you meet him

I’m Mistress Mia Darque the 6’3″ Oklahoma Amazon for nearly 7 years and one of DomCon Los Angeles 2018 Mistresses of Ceremonies. I’m a mature BBW, professional dominatrix and badass nerd just like my business card says.I have learned over the years that my dominance has always come to me naturally not because of the clothes that I wear or parties that I attend, but more because of the mindset of “I can do for myself, so what is it you possibly have to offer?”. I believe my country girl exterior helps to hide my serious sadistic side just long enough to be able to put the fear into people’s hearts that makes mine simply skip a


Orlando Pagan – A multimedia artist from makeup and costuming to digital. Currently Orlando is a body artist for WWE were he body paints Finn Balor. Orlando has done work as a concept artist distributed by Marvel comics. In 2015 he started a production company of his own called “Original Serpent” where he creates custom automotive and motorcycle designs. About the art Orlando combines electrifying colors to imaginative concepts and animations. His goal is to make the canvas move and characters come to life. Its quite a treat to watch him at work you will see great art unfold in front of you.Featured in the Orlando Sentinel and other publications, he can be seen painting, sketching, airbrushing at various conventions all over the Country as he Travels throughout the Nation and beyond to share and hone his prodigious talents Making Hundreds of Bodies his canvas. Its Your opportunity to pre-book Orlando now as he joins us at Caliente Resorts. Click here to visit his website.

Everyone has a Public life, Everyone has a Private life, Everyone has a Secret life VWH Photography captures not only what is in front of the camera, we capture what is happening in front of the camera. We not only capture the beauty of the subject but we capture the personality, the mood and most important the interaction and relationship unfolding in front of the camera so you don’t just see the image, you understand it and feel it. Let’s team up and capture the moment for a lifetime.


 The crazy Antics you may have heard about when you come head to head with Carnival Risque.

 Don’t miss  Surka Noelle Joining us from LA California to Party and Play

Pistol Mercy

Dominance Live

Shows and Kink, Food and Fuel, Naked or not!


Caliente is a luxury Adult Resort. This is a discounted ticketed event that not only gets you into the parties but you will also have all the luxurious amenities to use, on premise, from the cascading pools, bars and restaurants, spa, gym and much more, All in a fun non judgmental atmosphere that you may just crave to call your home. Contact us for more details about Caliente and it offerings. 1-844 SBBC-LUX

Special Event Discounted Ticket prices include

• Daily membership Passes “ALL DAY ACCESS”
• NightClub Entry and special event Dungeon admission
• Sports Bar and Poolside Tiki bars and of course poolside food and beverage service.
• Luxurious tropical pools, Hot Tub and sun or shade filled areas
• 2 resturants with extensive menu’s and Daily Chef specials.Plus poolside and tiki bar eats!
• Access to the modern Gym and Fitness classrooms
• Access to World class full service Spa (
• Steam Room/Sauna and both indoor and outdoor Showers
• Sports courts Including Full size regulation Tennis courts
• Volleyball courts –  both Sand and 2 Regulation water volleyball pools
• Free Wifi and Free parking
• Lockers for your daily use
Call or write us for Room rate specials and Full Vacation package Offers!

Questions About Caliente Club & Resort? CLICK ON THE FAQ BELOW

must RSVP if you are going, then you must purchase tickets. Purchase your ticket by clicking on the link below.

Already booked at the Resort? Just RSVP and Purchase member tickets per person and leave a comment upon checkout with your Last Name and or Reservation Number. Your tickets will be waiting for you at your arrival.


Help support our Sponsors that support Us by visiting their links below and say hi at the Event.

Interested in sponsoring or need information about getting Listed for Select Vending at our Event? Contact us today @

Whiplr is our Diamond Partnering Sponsor for “KINK”

Dungeon Sponsored by Kustom Kinkz
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